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Sexy, Sacred, Journal Writing Online Course


Since I was a little girl I have always found comfort and refuge in words, whether these were my own words or the words of someone else. Recently a dear friend reminded me that in primary school I would write deep, meaningful poems- a memory I had long forgotten about. At that age, I was deeply wounded and feeling very alone. The poems were my way of revealing the hurts I could not speak aloud.

I have been journaling for over 25 years – a practice which has helped me navigate my way through a serious trauma in childhood, domestic violence, depression and debilitating low self-esteem. Journal writing has enabled me to see life in a new way – not to sleepwalk through life but to see life more clearly. Journal writing has literally saved my life.

The blank page is an invitation to write the truth about our lives no matter how difficult and messy that might be. It’s a safe place to reveal and explore our truths and the rawness of our emotions. It is a place of growth and healing. Jessamyn West said, “People who keep journals experience life twice.

Sexy, Sacred Journal Writing is a six-week online course that shows you how journal writing is a restorative practice that you will help you become more of who you truly are.

Why sexy, why sacred?

I have always believed that in a pure sense the the meaning of the word sexy does not refer to sex in a dirty way but to a woman or a man who appreciates the divinity and gloriousness of their bodies from the inside out and who is not afraid to allow that to show.

Sexy is the way I feel about journal writing. It’s a space where I can unravel myself and write myself to wholeness, which allows a connection of feeling good that travels from the inside to the outside. When you write in a journal you know about it, you feel it, other people feel it and sense it and I believe we not only feel act better but we feel better.

Sacred is a feeling I often connect with when I have deepened into the practice of writing and creating in my journal. Whether it is evolving a feeling of gratitude at the end of several pages of completing or moaning or as a result of writing and gaining an insight or understanding that has stopped me in my tracks and causes me to breathe deeply in the space that has opened up in the moment.

The bringing together of the word sexy and the word sacred remind us that all moments in life hold the possibility of transformation, healing and enlightenment. It was hard to use the word sexy in the title of this course, but I stand by it. I hope you will too.

What is this course really about?

  • This course is also about smelling the roses and savouring the small delights and moments in daily life.
  • Its an invitation to open up to how you can make your day more meaningful through writing and journaling about what you see, observe, hear and intuit.
  • It about connecting to things, people and activities that bring you joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Sometimes journal writing can be a very isolated practice triggering feelings of loneliness. Learn how aware journal writing can transform loneliness to appreciating the gifts that aloneness gives you.
  • The journey of Sexy, Sacred Journal writing is the journey from suffering to surviving and how to move to a place of thriving.
  • This course will help you find your voice and also how to use your voice both on and off the page.
  • Identify in times of darkness and challenge where the light gets in and how to use this light as a guide to your way through.

So what do get by joining Sexy, Sacred Journal Writing?

  • You walk away with a succulent range of journal writing techniques and habits (you choose what works for you)
  • You’ll learn from seasoned writers and women just like you about their personal journeys and relationships with their journals and relationship through nine video inner-views with our journal-writing experts.
  • You’ll leave with an illuminated and informed understanding of how journal writing is both a restorative practice, a form of self-enquiry and self revelation and how it is a new and emerging therapy Jackee has created called, “Paper Therapy” more here
  • You’ll gain insight and perspective from your journal writing entries that will help you to grow and become a better and more enlightened person.
  • I will be active in the discussion forums where you can share your experiences and responses to ach of the different lessons, ask questions, talk through challenges and any resistances you might be experiencing. How much you engage with on the forum is up to you. I’ve been a participant on online courses where I have greatly benefitted from being active on the discussion forums and then other times when absence and silence was absolutely what was required. Use the discussion forum in the way that works best for you.

How will you know whether Sexy, Scared Journal Writing is right for you?

  • Are there things in your life you find difficult to talk about and share with others?
  • Have you tried journaling before but found that it made you feel worse rather than better?
  • Do you feel that you have lost your touch and your sense of yourself in your relationship, your job or your career?
  • Have you lost sight of what makes you uniquely you?
  • Would you like to know that you have generated a body of work that records who you have been, where you have come from and a written testimony of what you have come through?
  • Would you like to know about the scientific research that confirms how writing and keeping a journal helps with managing change and transforming our lives?

How the Course Works

The course consists of three weekly lessons for six weeks as well as weekly video inner views from our delightful community of journal writers.


The course begins on Monday 5th January 2015 and you can register online now.

Please get in touch with any questions

Course Fee

Exclusive Festive 2-4-1 Offer of £57 ends on 29 December 2014

Early bird offer of £57 per person from 30 December until 2nd January 2015

Standard Registration after 3rd January 2015 will be £79 per person


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1 Comment to Sexy, Sacred, Journal Writing Online Course

  1. by Fariba Shiraz

    On November 23, 2014 at 8:06 am

    Dear Jakee,
    I have watched your great Video, & loved it , it is so natural, and comes from your heart .
    I would like to know if you are having another on line journal writing if so when ?
    I do appreciate your time!
    Fariba Shirazi

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