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Paper Therapy: Online Journal Writing Course – 29 January 2018

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Date(s) - 29/01/2018
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Online Course


I’m on a mission to grow a growing tribe of journal writer’s world- wide. One of the reasons for my deep commitment to journal writing is down to the fact that I find it easier to be clearer on paper first before I’m in a face-to-face conversation. Secondly I have really strong memories of time on my youth when I couldn’t afford therapy or counselling and my journal became my best friend and therapist.

Back then I used my journal to help me process and arrive at a place of understanding difficult and complex emotions and feelings. Over time as my journaling practice grew I’ve found the process of writing and recording in a journal or notebook a rewarding and helpful way of finding out what I really think and a great way of bringing to light many of the wishes and ideas I really desire which get overlooked when I’m busy and rushing around doing everything else but addressing those very things sitting under the surface.

In 2013 we launched Paper Therapy, our online professional and personal development programme and brand using writing and journaling.

In a multi media six week online class I’ll guide you through a series of weekly journaling and writing prompts posted three times a week on Monday’s, Wednesdays and Friday’s. Click here to register

The Paper Therapy Course Guide:

Week 1 Finding Your Feet

Week 2 Writing & Journaling Prompts

Week 3 Emotional Therapy & Working With Your Inner Critic

Chill Out Week

Week 4 Solitude, Silence and Sacred Space

Week 5 The Poetic Landscape On and Off The Page

Week 6 Pulling It All Together

Each set of lessons is multiple layered meaning you can do as little or as much as you like bearing in mind the deeper you dive the more you will take away with you.

The course is ideal if you:

  • Find yourself feeling overwhelmed and would love to find an easy, organic way to slow down
  • You feel a panic about your level of success yet have a sinking feeling that you are not really doing what you love or what makes you feel whole.
  • You have a sense there must be more to life than this
  • You have ideas you want to manifest or make happen but never seem to find the time to get things off the ground.
  • You long to get back in touch with the person you believe you really are
  • You have ideas and goals you’d really love to realise
  • You want to live a life that feels more meaningful and true to what makes you feel alive

Coaches, therapists, senior lecturers, probation officers, librarians, graphic designers, small business owners and senior leaders have joined the Paper Therapy journey. Participants. Register here

What Former Participants Have To Say About Paper Therapy
Why doing Paper Therapy Makes Perfect Sense?
The Paper Therapy Journey
Chill Out Week


Class dates: 29 January to 12 March 2018

Price £87 per person

What you’ll need for class:

  • A journal or notebook of your personal preference
  • Lap top or tablet (if you prefer digital journaling)
  • Pen and coloured marker and a glue stick
    Bunch of magazine for our collaging activities

To register for this event please pay using PayPal link and I will be in touch with more information. Please get in touch with any questions and to confirm September start date.

Full Name
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Once you register you’ll receive a welcome email from me welcoming you to the course with an invitation for how to prepare yourself for the class.

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Questions about the programme?

How much time does the programme require?
I just don’t have as much time as I thought I would so there’s very little hope of me getting to do any of these lessons?
I’m not someone who likes to write and I’m not a good writer
I’ve fallen behind and it feels like too much to try and catch up?
Halfway through and I don’t think the course is for me