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Inner & Outer Nature Self-Discovery Card Deck

The Inner & Outer Nature Self-Discovery card deck contains 49 nature and tree inspired journaling questions to amplify your journal writing practice. Drawing on the metaphors and lessons abundant in nature, plants and trees the questions bring an organic invitation to your musings and inner reflections. The writing prompts are a gentle way of reconnecting with nature both on the outside and the inside.  Each question in the card deck draws from the rich metaphors and rhythms of nature. By reconnecting with nature the questions are also an invitation to deepen your connection with your own inner nature. Order Now  £24.99 plus £5.00 p&p (UK).  Shipping to Europe and Shipping to USA is  dependent on location 



For deliveries around the World (excluding United Kingdom), please contact us directly at or visit our contact us page

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Rewilding the Page – The Urban Forest Writing Map

Lush urban nature populates our towns and cities. Flourishing gardens, parks, city forests and woods, pockets of majestic trees, shrubs and foliage all create a green belt around us. Spending time outside is good for our mind, body and spirit. These 12 creative writing prompts in the Rewilding The Page Writing Map invite you to continue deepening your connection with the green spaces on your doorstep. Through writing, walking, drawing or meditation these writing activities help you connect with the colours, seasons, trees and plants in and around the spaces you inhabit. Creative writing prompts by Jackee Holder and Shaun Levin Illustrated by Gul E Raana  Order Now £7.99 plus £2.60 p&p (UK)



Writing with Fabulous Trees

Writing With Fabulous Trees will encourage you to be more observant about the trees in your neighbouring or surrounding parks and green spaces, the trees in your street or in your own private garden will take on new and different meanings. Deepening your connections with trees can be calming and oddly reassuring. The prompts and quotes generate learning and insight about yourself and where you come from as well as the opportunity to learn more about the host of benefits trees have to offer. The perfect companion on walks out in nature. Order Now £7.99 plus £2.60 p&p (UK)