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About Jackee Holder

Jackee is an Executive Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer, Coach Supervisor and Creativity Expert working across a range of sectors, including NHS, further education, higher education, media, public sectors and cultural and creative industries.

Her creative and intuitive approach brings learning and training alive, whilst offering skilful facilitation and embodiment of coaching and personal development in real and practical ways.

Jackee is the author of ‘Soul Purpose’, ‘Be Your Own Best Life Coach’, ‘49 Ways to Write Yourself Well’ and has been a contributing writer to several books including Inside Creativity Coaching and The Creativity Workbook for Coaches edited by Eric Maisel.

Inner & Outer Nature Card Deck


Grab your copy of the NEW Inner & Outer Nature Self-Discovery Card Deck here to amplify your journal writing practice.

Rewilding The Page Writing Map


This writing map invites you to deepen your connection with green spaces on your doorstep. 

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Writing With Fabulous Trees Map


A writing map for exploring parks, gardens and green spaces.

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49 Ways To Write Yourself Well

Inner and Outer Nature Self-Discovery card deck contains 49 nature and tree inspired journaling questions to amplify your journal writing practice. Send email to to order.
Costs £21.99 plus postage

This sample helps build and maintain a regular writing practice for enhancing wellbeing.

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Coaching & Writing


Jackee is passionate about supporting individuals to thrive and flourish. She works with a range of clients across a range of sectors. 


Trees & Nature


Jackee writes about trees, tells their stories and shares the unique benefits of being in nature and journal writing.


Media & Podcasts


Listen to Jackee’s latest podcasts and interviews. Read articles and find out about books and other resources.


Wheel of Life Tree


This handy eBook is a life audit tool to help you review your life and career.

Please click here to download eBook and click here for the template.