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Archive for February, 2013

Some Of My Favourite Book Covers

Friday, February 1st, 2013















I’m a self confessed bookaholic. Okay there it is. It’s out in the open. I love books, sleep with books on my bed, fall asleep with a book in my hand and reach for a book first thing when I wake up. I even have the luxury of a room dedicated to  hundreds of my books. Sometimes I’ve been prone to buy a book mainly because I love the cover.

So last night I responded to an intuitive nudge to share three of my favourite book covers from my personal book collection. So. here goes:


Writing _down_your_soul_profVisual_Medicine_prof























  • Which of the covers are you most inspired by?
  • Let us know what your absolute favourite book cover is. We’d love to share the book covers that inspire you.

I’ll add a few more over the weekend.

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