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Coaching New Leaders for New Times

Friday, July 15th, 2016

This blog briefly describes how a new coaching approach and training that aims to help coaches develop new leadership for new times is getting excellent results. This training has exceeded all expectations, it was launched quietly 18 months ago and now has over 140 trained coaches who have travelled from Australia, Singapore, India and South Africa to come to the UK to experience this unique offer, and we have begun to deliver training in Poland, Serbia, Ireland and next in the USA.

1)     A Leadership crisis demands new coaching approaches The Brexit vote is the most recent example and symptom of the tumultuous social, political and economic changes we face as we enter a new globalised and networked society.  

Technological changes have always led to social changes which demand new leadership and new forms of organisation. The first industrial revolution transformed society and so will this digital revolution. Yet many leadership development courses and coach training courses have not adapted to this change. What is needed are new leadership approaches for new times, and new coaching approaches to deliver and support them. The A-N Coaching System is designed to meet this urgent need.

JH Simon Western Blog2)     The A-N Coaching System is user friendly! The AN coaching system is based on robust and published research and also on real time experience of coaching global business and public-sector CEOs and leaders. It’s great strength is to crystallise complex ideas into a very user-friendly coaching system that can be adapted to suit each coach and each leader. It is not rigid or prescriptive and allows the coach to bring themselves to the work.

3)     Joining an international learning network. The A-N 3 day coach training is the beginning not the end. It is accelerated learning and coaches take away a course training book plus two text books to continue their learning. After passing the course they then become Registered A-N Coaches, and join the international network of Advanced A-N Coaches to continue learning and sharing business leads and best practice. We are aiming to develop a dynamic network of coaches who are working together to change the leadership landscape.

4)    Coaching leaders to act in ‘good faith’ to create the ‘good society’

5)    The A-N coaching approach is an ethical approach, designed to help leaders work in an authentic way, and to connect their work to the wider goals of developing a better society.

6)     Dr Simon Western is an internationally recognised leadership thinker and coach who specialises in developing distributed forms of leadership ‘Eco-Leadership’ and coaching CEOs and seniors leaders in how to adapt, lead and influence change in today’s network society.

Once trained, coaches join our international network of Advanced Registered A-N Coaches to share business possibilities, and develop ongoing learning together.

Professor Simon Western, Adjunct Professor University College Dublin 

Advanced Coach Training


Analytic-Network coaching is an avant-garde coaching company that offers coach training and leadership coaching at the most advanced level in the market. We work from a rigorous theoretical base drawing on the latest thinking on leadership and organisations, and the first ‘meta-theory of coaching1’

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