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“Jackee is wisdom personified and yet her humility is ever present.,,,she achieves fantastic results because she really believes in the power of the human spirit and the ability of each person to be the author of their life story.Pat Joseph

Jackee is a gifted speaker, author and coach…Jenny Garrett

“Jackee Holder is an inspiring writing coach, tutor and public speaker. The creative writers (of all genres) who have attended our programmes have greatly benefited from her approachable and knowledgeable style. Jackee is a great professional.” Executive Director, Words of Colour Productions

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If there is one thing in life that I know how to do and have a practice of doing regularly, it’s how to write. I have been journaling for 26 years and been writing Morning pages (a practice of quickly writing three pages of your uncensored thoughts and feelings first thing in the morning) for 15 or more years.

Writing is at the heart of my work as a coach and trainer and is one way I get present to the moment in any given day. My personal writing helps me make sense of myself on the inside and my professional writing is how I express my internal self to the external world through my work and connection with others. Both work in service to the other.

On a day-to-day basis whether it’s writing emails, creating a lesson plan for coaching programmes or creating handouts and resources for training you’ll always find me tapping away on the keyboard or scribbling away on the page at some point in my day. I carry my journal or a small notebook everywhere and write on trains, tubes, buses, airplanes and I’ve even written in a public bathroom.

I’ve found time to publish three non-fiction books (Soul Purpose, Be Your Own Best Life Coach and 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well), so I know a lot about the creative process, how to unravel from writer’s block and what it takes to create a book from start to finish.

I’ve published creative workbooks for numerous training programmes and I love the challenge of creating a workbook from scratch and seeing it in it’s finished form. I share my knowledge and love of writing to support writers in a number of ways:

  • One to one coaching and creativity sessions for writers
  • Writing courses, workshops and writers retreats
  • Articles and workbooks
  • Through my blogs

I work with writers to:

  • Get past writers block
  • Develop the writing habit which means knowing how to get writing in the first place
  • Find your true writing voice and writing path - not everyone needs to be a bestselling author to be great.
  • Bring order and sense to your ideas
  • Coaching and mentoring to support individuals to complete your writing projects

Over the next few months we’ll be adding writing resources and events to our website. Use our contact page if you would like to book a one to one ‘Write Coach’ session with Jackee. Fees are £350 for a 2 hour session.

Go to the Resources page where you’ll find writing stuff you can download and check the events page for regular updates on courses and events.


There comes a time in almost every writers working life when the muse is silent and the words just won’t come. The reasons for this are myriad – in my case it was a lost book deal – but whatever the reason, writers block is the most terrible thing that can beset an author; it feels as if one is in a dark tunnel that cant be escaped. There are numerous books and websites that purport to cure this – but they simply didn’t work for me; instead some made me feel even worse. Instead my partner suggested a creative writing workshop facilitated by coach Jackee Holder.

The workshop and the subsequent coaching sessions with Jackee saved my writing life. Jackee helped me to jump start my creativity and reconnect with the sheer joy of writing. Her philosophy is to help you ‘to get out of your own way’. That is to help you to remove the obstacles – emotional and practical – that are stopping you from writing. Her methods are diverse and are relevant to all kinds of literature whether you are a playwright, novelist or non-fiction writer. 

Jackee’s methods are relevant to other creative disciplines such as dance, music, or film-making. Working with Jackee is an investment in your creative future, because she provides you with insights and skills that you will be able to use your whole life.

Andrea Stuart, Author of ‘Sugar in the Blood’