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Trees & Nature

‘I have a real curiosity about trees and tree mythology and love the way trees beautify our and resource the environment. I am an early morning urban city walker and love the quiet hum of the mornings when most of the city is often still asleep.’

I hold nature and journaling as my go to sources of wellbeing and write regularly around the therapeutic benefits of forest bathing, connecting with nature and how journaling can help you thrive even when you are challenged and stretched.

A large part of my work takes place in organizations. Whatever the size of the business or organization, one thing seems to be common to all. Everyone who works inside them is, either too busy, doing too much, feels overwhelmed or running close to burnout.

I’ve experienced all of the above at different times in my career and know how important it is to take time out and invest in quality time for myself.

Nature, especially trees have played an important part in my practice for making time for me. At one particular time in my life when things seemed to be spiralling out of control, I would seek refuge under the sprawling branches of a huge evergreen oak tree in a south London park, near to where I lived at the time.

It never ceased to amaze me how calm and secure I felt once I was under her shelter. Being amongst trees is a great form of stress relief.

Some mornings, before heading off to work I would sit at the feet of her trunk and simply meditate on the surrounding trees and green space. Other times I would write in my journal or I would energise myself by leaning my back against her trunk, which filled my body with such energy. It made sense when I finally decided on a name for my tree, ‘Sanctuary’.

It was through Sanctuary and other trees like her that I came to embrace my love of trees. I realised how important trees are to my wellbeing and my self care. I carry around small images of trees in my journal and just stopping throughout my day and taking a few seconds to look at the image slows me down and allows me to be in the moment. Physically spending time with trees lifts my waning energy and spirit in minutes. I know that getting out to be amongst trees and nature does me good.

So, the tree and nature page is where you’ll find me writing about trees, telling their stories and posting tree images for meditation and contemplation. I’ll also be sharing ideas and knowledge about the unique energies and benefits to be gained from understanding more about the trees in our environments, also how much good trees provide human beings and the earth.