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Instant Guidance On A Monday Morning

Monday, November 17th, 2014

oh no monday morning

It’s Monday morning and pouring with rain in London town but for a huge majority of the nation Monday mornings feel the same whether it’s raining or not.

One way of getting focus and a dose of free divine guidance tohelp with problems or challenges that might be bothering you on a Monday morning is to indulge in a bit of creative online oracle reading.

I have a collection of card decks that I use for writing inspiration and for help and insights into life’s every day challenges or problems. But decks are not easy to carry around so increasingly I’ve been going online for some of that guidance.

Now I know that for some people the word oracle brings to mind a psychic reading with an older woman in a shawl looking into a crystal ball (well I know in the past it has done for me). Good news is that oracle readings have caught up with modern day technology and brings a fresh new approach to readings making them more accessible, easy to read and understand for yourself. These readings put you n the driving seat.

Instant readings on line can be especially useful when you don’t have access to a coach or mentor, a trusted friend or listening ear, when you want to keep an issue or problem private or you want some new perspectives on an ongoing issue.

Here’s three of my favourites online oracle readings and guess what they’re all free!

Instant Guidance

Rebecca Campbell’s offers one of the best instant guidance readings on line. Always insightful and to the point I like the positive energy and down to earthiness of her readings.

I know Rebecca personally and know that each of her readings have been channeled through her (and they feel like I whenever I hit the button) often as she wanders through Regents Park a stone throws from where she lives in central London.

How it works

  • Think about something you need a little bit of guidance with.
  • Close your eyes and click on the button for your instant hit.
  • You’ll receive an insightful message and guidance that I always find spot on.

Click here for more information about Rebecca Campbell Instant Guidance Readings

A Touch Of Grace

Next on my list for your free online oracle reading is Cheryl Richardson’s Grace cards readings. I first owned the Grace cards as a deck of cards but enjoy the immediacy of having instant access to an online reading even when I’m on the move.

Accessing the cards appear on Richardson’s website in the form of twinkling stars.

You’re guided to click on the Begin logo to receive a divine message.

How it works

  • When you’re ready close your eyes and think of a challenge you’re currently facing.
  • Then open your eyes and click on the twinkling star that calls to you.
  • A card appears with an image and a word.
  • You are then invited to contemplate on the word.
  • Next click on the card and it will show you a message on the other side of the card.

Click here to find out more about Cheryl Richardson

3 Card Oracle Reading

My final online card reading comes from the Enlightenment pack (another deck in my collection) created by US psychologist Chuck Spezzano.

Click here to link to the 3-card reading on the astrologer Pam Carruthers website

Click here to visit the Psychology of Vision website

How it works

  • To begin, think of a current problem (and if you don’t have any problems then think of something you’d like to improve in your life). Or choose a problem you’d like to clear, if not entirely then at least the next layer of it.
  • Three cards will appear.
  • Pick a card from the first selection, which identifies what the block is. The second card identifies the gift and the third card the healing.

I like the fact that there is an in-depth explanation of each of the cards along with questions and prompts to explore the theme and issue in more depth. You will definitely need pen or paper to hand or copy and paste the text for each of the cards.

These cards take you on an inner journey when you welcome a deeper psychological and spiritual exploration of your issue.

So there you go. You don’t have to have the Monday morning blues with all this instant guidance at your fingertips. So don’t let your problems eat away at you. There’s plenty of inspiration and guidance out there and plenty of it’s available for free.

Have yourselves a great week.

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